How To sharpen a Knife with a Coffee Mug?

There are times wherein we are very frustrated because of the dullness of our knives. It makes us run into a lot of trouble when we need to slice our food.

What makes it more annoying is the fact that you do not have a knife sharpener available. This is why it is great if you will be somehow creative in solving the dullness of your knife.

This is when a coffee mug will come into the scene. How did we say so? Did you read it right? Yes, the usual coffee mug made of ceramic can be a great way to sharpen your knife. We aren’t joking.

Very few of us know that coffee mugs have other uses aside from holding our favorite hot beverages. They can sharpen our knives too!

The trick works because of the ceramic base of the mug. As you will notice it is a little bit embossed right? It is an unglazed rim that is truly sturdier than metals. So it will be your primary tool in making that sharp without the need to source out for the common sharpening tool.

How To sharpen a Knife with a Coffee Mug?

For you to believe, we will start enumerating the steps that you can use in sharpening that knife in no time.

  • Get a mug that is made of ceramic. Be sure that its bottom has an unglazed part
  • Flip the mug over on a table. The bottom part of the mug must be at the upper portion
  • Hold the knife firmly and start running it over the unglazed part of the mug.
  • You should run both sides of the knife in equal strokes.
  • It can be 10 to 20 strokes for each side or until you reach the desired sharpness.
  • This will keep the edge sharp which will make the knife efficient again on its task.
  • Check if the knife is still symmetrical.
  • If there are changes in shape, you should try to balance it out by adding more strokes on the unbalanced portion.
  • Afterward, you should now start to test the knife. You can get something to slice such as a potato or tomato. It must effortlessly slice the thing.

After you finished the steps, you now have a knife that is considered sharp and efficient.

Also, there are ways in which you can sharpen a knife without the presence of a sharpener. A rolled-down car window can be used as an alternative as well.

However, this technique must only be used as an alternative. This is because it can remove some particles of the knife making it thinner than usual. So it is only great for alternatives and not for frequent use.

Why only use it on cheaper knives?

It is also much better if you will only use it for cheaper knives. This will lessen the chances of you damaging your more expensive knives.

Well, if there is a chance I will not use it for my best Japanese knife block set. Just to be sure that it will not damage its surface. This methodology is much better if there are no options left. Just don’t overdo it that is the bottom line.

Always remember that once knives have lost a significant amount of metal on it, it also loses its quality. You must always have the urge to retain that quality as much as possible by taking good care of them.

How to avoid losing your knives’ sharpness?

There are times that we might be surprised at why our knives are getting dull quickly. This is because of different reasons. Let us try to enumerate them down below:

  • Incorrect use: We have different types of knives. They were created because they have various uses. So using the wrong knife to slice a particular object can be fatal.
  • Not cleaning it properly: Cleansing is a great way to maintain the sharpness of the knife. It allows you to avoid any disturbances while slicing things which will avoid any form of damages to the knife.

Is it okay to wash the knives with dishwashing liquid?

Washing the knives with dishwashing liquids is not detrimental to the sharpness of the knife. It does not matter whether you wash them with a dishwashing liquid or just plain hot water.

The most important thing is you clean thoroughly to remove any residues that are thickened overtime. Those are the ones that do damage and must be taken away at all times.


We have proven that there is still a solution left in case there are no sharpening tools available. You can use either a mug or car window to do the task but we also discussed that you should also be careful. This technique is absolutely for emergency purposes only and must not be abused.

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