How To Make Smoked Pulled Beef With A Coffee Rub?

Pulled beef is a versatile component that you can enjoy in a variety of dishes. It can result in the most delicious tacos, sandwiches, pasta, and pies you’ve ever tried. Applying a coffee rub to season the steak can boost the taste even better. 

To cook smoked pulled beef with a coffee rub, you need to follow these steps: 

  • Step 1: Prepare the coffee rub
  • Step 2: Season the beef
  • Step 3: Set up the smoker
  • Step 4: Smoke the beef
  • Step 5: Serve your dish 

Now, let’s discover the necessary ingredients and dig in the step-by-step instructions for this wonderful dish!

What Do You Need To Make Smoked Pulled Beef With a Coffee Rub?

Some items for making smoked pulled beef with a coffee rub are:

  • A smoker
  • Rub shaker
  • Lump charcoal

The coffee rub is what makes your dish special. Seasonings depend on your preference. Here are some recommended ingredients to mix coffee rub for 2 pounds of steak:

  • 1/4 cup of ground coffee
  • One teaspoon of brown sugar
  • Two teaspoons of cayenne pepper, garlic powder, paprika, and onion powder
  • One teaspoon of ground cumin
  • One teaspoon of kosher salt 

Add extra heat if you think this recipe isn’t spicy enough for you. Otherwise, if it’s a little too spicy, turn down the heat.

How To Make Smoked Pulled Beef With a Coffee Rub?

After preparing all the necessary items and ingredients, it’s cooking time. Let’s follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Prepare the coffee rub

To make it simpler to rub, combine all ingredients and thoroughly mix them before putting them in the rub shaker. 

You can keep any remaining rub fresher by storing it in a sealed container or ziplock bag in the refrigerator. It can stay for six months there.

Step 2: Season the beef

When it comes to selecting the cut of beef for making pulled beef, you have many options.

The first things that spring to mind are brisket and chuck. They both include a lot of collagen and intramuscular fat, making them perfect for cooking at moderate temperatures.

Then, apply the coffee rub from about 12 inches above the steak. This step ensures that you cover the spices evenly and do not stick together.

While you prepare the smoker, you may leave the seasoned steak out of the refrigerator.

Step 3: Set up the smoker

If you are inexperienced, you should choose to start on the propane smokers. They will be simpler and more convenient for you.

Also if you use a charcoal smoker: Fill the chimney starter halfway with lump charcoal and fire it. Then, using unlit charcoal, set it in a hole made in the coal circle.

Set some pecan and cherry wood pieces around the burning charcoal. The charcoal will heat up and burn properly without releasing a dense smoke that would give your steak a harsh flavor.

A deflector plate can help avoid unwanted radiant heat from touching the bottom of your meat. You may wrap your pan with aluminum foil if you don’t have the deflector plate.

Step 4: Smoke the beef

Put the beef in the center of the grilling grate and place an inner meat probe after the smoker has reached 250°F.

Allow the smoke to escape for four hours or until it hits a temp of 160°F inside.

Cover the beef in foil with half a cup of heated beef stock until it’s penetrating butter. This process will take a few hours more. The interior temperature should be between 200 and 210°F.

Peel the foil and allow the steam to escape. Then, wrap the meat in an old towel and place it in a refrigerator for two hours.

Please put all of the liquid and the meat on a tray and break it down after two hours.

The smoking process is not really simple. You can watch this video for a visual explanation. 

Step 5: Serve your dish 

There are several ways to serve the steak. Sandwiches, pasta, pies, and tacos are the most favorite options. 

How To Store Leftover Beef?

The process of making the dish needs a lot of time. It would be such a waste if you threw the leftovers away. 

So, instead of wasting, you can vacuum seal your food and use it as your late-night snack. 

Remember to wait until cooked food has completely cooled before sealing it.

Here are some tips for sealing your food:

  • To fit your family, utilize kitchen scales and measure out equal amount sizes.
  • Freezing is an excellent idea to store food. If necessary, you can always get an additional bag of frozen meals.
  • Weigh the leftovers and store them in vacuum sealers that are individually packed.
  • For each packet, make a note of the weight, date, and kind of food. You need to check the storing time carefully to ensure that the food won’t stay in the fridge for too long. Otherwise, you will spoil it. 

How To Reheat Smoked Pulled Beef With A Coffee Rub?

Storing can help you keep the food longer. So, what’s next? What to do if you want to serve it again?

When it comes to warming frozen pulled beef, you just need one essential tip: hot water.

Put a vacuum-sealed package in a pot of boiling water. You’ll have properly heated, delicious pulled beef within five minutes.

It may appear to be far too simple. There are no gimmicks or tricks involved.

For greater quantities, you need to adjust the time. If you doubled or tripled the volume in the bag, reheat each bag for up to ten minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Smoked pulled beef with a coffee rub is quite a distinctive dish. Food lovers still have some questions about this dish.

1. What can coffee rub do for your meat?

Coffee’s acidity levels are similar to those found in wine, allowing for taste enhancement.

The use of a coffee rub on beef can also help to tenderize it. By forming a flavor-sealed crust, it softens the meat and increases moisture content.

2. How long does it take to make smoked pulled beef with a coffee rub?

You may need about four to five hours to complete your dish. The cooking time may vary depending on how thick the meat is. 

3. Is it necessary to rub the brisket the night before?

It would be best if you seasoned your brisket the day before smoking. Leave the seasoned brisket in the cooler or refrigerator for about six hours if you want to have the nicest taste and juiciest outcome. 

4. Can I leave a rub on for too long?

If a rub sits on for an extended time, it may turn out to be mushy and look more like sauce. Meanwhile, a rub applied right before heating won’t have as much time to be moist. 

With a lengthier rest, the taste will penetrate somewhat further. However, beyond one or two hours, the returns start to fade. 

The Bottom Line

Smoked pulled beef is a worth-trying dish. It can go well with many cuisines. 

Adding a layer of coffee rub doesn’t make you feel like tasting latte or espresso. The addition just enhances your beef’s flavor and gives you a pleasant dining experience. 

Hopefully, you will find this article helpful. If you need any further information, please feel free to ask. Thank you for reading!

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