How to add coffee to your meat rubs for grilling steaks?

There is no question at all that coffee has lots of flavors to offer. You can either make a light one or go for a heavy blend in case you want to be awake all night.

Aside from that, the pleasure of putting various flavors to it such as the following are:

  • Citrus
  • Chocolate
  • Milky
  • Bitter-sweet

As you can notice, those flavors are also present in the foods that we prepare. So we can say that coffee is just the same as that. You can also use that to make flavorful steaks.

You can expect that richness in flavor on the meat will be emphasized. Having said so, making it as a rub ingredient will be an amazing choice.

Most people use Ethiopian blends though as it is pretty common in California. Many restaurants were using this which proves its efficiency.

Important Notes When Adding Coffee to Meat Rubs

For beginners, there is no doubt that coffee grounds are more of a supporting ingredient than a primary. Just be sure that you will not overdo it as it can make the taste of the meat go bitter.

Take note of the type of coffee

Well, there are lots of different types of coffees that you can find all over the world. It does not mean that you can use any kind of coffee.

Some types are stronger than the others. You do not want your meat to taste more on the bitter side.

Some choose ground packaged coffees but it is much better if you will use fresh ground beans. You can go for a medium roast as they give the best results.

All about flavored coffees

Flavored coffees do have an artificial taste except for pecan coffees. So you might want to consider that kind. It will give you this distinct smoke taste which is perfect for steaks.

You can also find a consistent texture of ground coffee even if it is already combined with other ingredients. That is pretty self-explanatory because coffee has a dominant flavor.

Start with the ground black pepper and kosher salt

This is a good way to add more boldness to the final product. You can easily recognize them as it is the usual ingredient on every rub.

Another thing that you can do is to put 1 or 2 tbsp. of coffee grounds to the blend for more flavoring.

It will make your pair with steak, rib racks, and loin roasts a joy to experience. Having said so, the application of olive oil is advisable. It makes the meat firm while you are cooking them, this results in better texture for better eating satisfaction.

You’ll surely want a combination of function and flavor to produce a black crust all over the meat. As a result, you can enjoy more flavorful steaks. Moreover, you can eat those steaks with a hot espresso to make things more exciting.

You can utilize your hands for rub application. You must use a vigorous force to do that task.

For large cuts of meat, you should coat them using the dry rub on each side. Just ensure that you finished the dry rub coating. This will cover the whole exterior of your meat.

How it is done on an actual recipe?

Well, it is safe to say that you must do the conventional steps in putting something on your meat rubs even if you are using coffee as an ingredient.

Here are the usual steps that you should follow in accomplishing that task:

  • Mix all the ingredients for the flavoring including the coffee
  • Next is you must season your steak meats using the coating. You can use 5 teaspoons for meat rubbing on each stick.
  • You can now use the wire rack set. Just place the steaks there inside a baking sheet.
  • You must not cover it for at least 3 to 6 hours
  • Fire up your grill and heat it for 400 degrees with the oil using a large skillet. The best gas grills under $1000 are more likely to do a better job on grilling steaks.
  • You can now cook the steaks for 120 seconds on each side
  • Now you can see the crusts are forming
  • It is now the time to put the skillets on the grill
  • Let it stay there until 5 minutes
  • Put the steaks on a cutting board
  • Allow it to sit there for a few minutes before eating

This is the most basic process on how to add coffee to your meat rubs for grilling steaks. You can add up more on it such as putting more ingredients once you already mastered the craft.

It will result in a much more enhanced experience delighting your taste buds more when eating your steaks. But be sure to start first with the basics as it will help you open up more opportunities in the future in discovering your inert talent in cooking.


Coffee and meat rubs will go along pretty well. Coffees are very versatile when it comes to taste as you can adjust them easily to your preference.

However, if you are the type who is very sensitive to caffeine there is a couple of alternatives. You can try adding a decaf coffee instead of the usual ones.

This will let you still have that coffee blend on your Steaks minus the effects of caffeine. So you can still enjoy that genuine taste of smoked Steaks without any worries at all.

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