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How To Make Smoked Pulled Beef With A Coffee Rub?

Pulled beef is a versatile component that you can enjoy in a variety of dishes. It can result in the most delicious tacos, sandwiches, pasta, and pies you’ve ever tried. Applying a coffee rub to season the steak can boost the taste even better. 

To cook smoked pulled beef with a coffee rub, you need to follow these steps: 

  • Step 1: Prepare the coffee rub
  • Step 2: Season the beef
  • Step 3: Set up the smoker
  • Step 4: Smoke the beef
  • Step 5: Serve your dish 

Now, let’s discover the necessary ingredients and dig in the step-by-step instructions for this wonderful dish!

What Do You Need To Make Smoked Pulled Beef With a Coffee Rub?

Some items for making smoked pulled beef with a coffee rub are:

  • A smoker
  • Rub shaker
  • Lump charcoal

The coffee rub is what makes your dish special. Seasonings depend on your preference. Here are some recommended ingredients to mix coffee rub for 2 pounds of steak:

  • 1/4 cup of ground coffee
  • One teaspoon of brown sugar
  • Two teaspoons of cayenne pepper, garlic powder, paprika, and onion powder
  • One teaspoon of ground cumin
  • One teaspoon of kosher salt 

Add extra heat if you think this recipe isn’t spicy enough for you. Otherwise, if it’s a little too spicy, turn down the heat.

How To Make Smoked Pulled Beef With a Coffee Rub?

After preparing all the necessary items and ingredients, it’s cooking time. Let’s follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Prepare the coffee rub

To make it simpler to rub, combine all ingredients and thoroughly mix them before putting them in the rub shaker. 

You can keep any remaining rub fresher by storing it in a sealed container or ziplock bag in the refrigerator. It can stay for six months there.

Step 2: Season the beef

When it comes to selecting the cut of beef for making pulled beef, you have many options.

The first things that spring to mind are brisket and chuck. They both include a lot of collagen and intramuscular fat, making them perfect for cooking at moderate temperatures.

Then, apply the coffee rub from about 12 inches above the steak. This step ensures that you cover the spices evenly and do not stick together.

While you prepare the smoker, you may leave the seasoned steak out of the refrigerator.

Step 3: Set up the smoker

If you are inexperienced, you should choose to start on the propane smokers. They will be simpler and more convenient for you.

Also if you use a charcoal smoker: Fill the chimney starter halfway with lump charcoal and fire it. Then, using unlit charcoal, set it in a hole made in the coal circle.

Set some pecan and cherry wood pieces around the burning charcoal. The charcoal will heat up and burn properly without releasing a dense smoke that would give your steak a harsh flavor.

A deflector plate can help avoid unwanted radiant heat from touching the bottom of your meat. You may wrap your pan with aluminum foil if you don’t have the deflector plate.

Step 4: Smoke the beef

Put the beef in the center of the grilling grate and place an inner meat probe after the smoker has reached 250°F.

Allow the smoke to escape for four hours or until it hits a temp of 160°F inside.

Cover the beef in foil with half a cup of heated beef stock until it’s penetrating butter. This process will take a few hours more. The interior temperature should be between 200 and 210°F.

Peel the foil and allow the steam to escape. Then, wrap the meat in an old towel and place it in a refrigerator for two hours.

Please put all of the liquid and the meat on a tray and break it down after two hours.

The smoking process is not really simple. You can watch this video for a visual explanation. 

Step 5: Serve your dish 

There are several ways to serve the steak. Sandwiches, pasta, pies, and tacos are the most favorite options. 

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How To sharpen a Knife with a Coffee Mug?

There are times wherein we are very frustrated because of the dullness of our knives. It makes us run into a lot of trouble when we need to slice our food.

What makes it more annoying is the fact that you do not have a knife sharpener available. This is why it is great if you will be somehow creative in solving the dullness of your knife.

This is when a coffee mug will come into the scene. How did we say so? Did you read it right? Yes, the usual coffee mug made of ceramic can be a great way to sharpen your knife. We aren’t joking.

Very few of us know that coffee mugs have other uses aside from holding our favorite hot beverages. They can sharpen our knives too!

The trick works because of the ceramic base of the mug. As you will notice it is a little bit embossed right? It is an unglazed rim that is truly sturdier than metals. So it will be your primary tool in making that sharp without the need to source out for the common sharpening tool.

How To sharpen a Knife with a Coffee Mug?

For you to believe, we will start enumerating the steps that you can use in sharpening that knife in no time.

  • Get a mug that is made of ceramic. Be sure that its bottom has an unglazed part
  • Flip the mug over on a table. The bottom part of the mug must be at the upper portion
  • Hold the knife firmly and start running it over the unglazed part of the mug.
  • You should run both sides of the knife in equal strokes.
  • It can be 10 to 20 strokes for each side or until you reach the desired sharpness.
  • This will keep the edge sharp which will make the knife efficient again on its task.
  • Check if the knife is still symmetrical.
  • If there are changes in shape, you should try to balance it out by adding more strokes on the unbalanced portion.
  • Afterward, you should now start to test the knife. You can get something to slice such as a potato or tomato. It must effortlessly slice the thing.

After you finished the steps, you now have a knife that is considered sharp and efficient.

Also, there are ways in which you can sharpen a knife without the presence of a sharpener. A rolled-down car window can be used as an alternative as well.

However, this technique must only be used as an alternative. This is because it can remove some particles of the knife making it thinner than usual. So it is only great for alternatives and not for frequent use.

Why only use it on cheaper knives?

It is also much better if you will only use it for cheaper knives. This will lessen the chances of you damaging your more expensive knives.

Well, if there is a chance I will not use it for my best Japanese knife block set. Just to be sure that it will not damage its surface. This methodology is much better if there are no options left. Just don’t overdo it that is the bottom line.

Always remember that once knives have lost a significant amount of metal on it, it also loses its quality. You must always have the urge to retain that quality as much as possible by taking good care of them.

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How to Choose Wine Cooler for Coffee Bar?

We just usually cool our beloved wines on our fridge. This is because we consume it for our personal use. But the problem is if you own a coffee bar, things can get different.

Customers prefer wines that are “properly cooled”. It makes them enjoy the wine more because it is at their right temperature.

Regarding that, wine coolers will come in handy. They are the best in cooling beverages particularly liquors.

Choosing the right one can be tricky at times. So you might need this guide on how to choose a wine cooler for a coffee bar easily.

There are several factors to choose from. They will allow you to have the best temperature every time you drink your favorite liquors.

The Factors

When choosing a wine cooler here are the most important factors to look for.

  • Durability: It is important that you know if the particular wine cooler is durable or not. This will give you a guarantee that it will not break down easily. Thus, you’ll be able to enjoy that wine cooler for extended periods.
  • Size: Depending on the number of wines or beverages that you’ll put inside will determine the size that you need. It is always the more load, the bigger capacity that you will need.
  • Power consumption: You do not want to pay a large sum of money for electricity just because of your wine cooler. Since you are running a business, you must put its consumption into consideration. You might want to find something that is more energy-efficient to maximize your profit.
  • Features: You might want to know the features of the wine cooler that you will about to buy. This will let you know if that particular wine cooler is much comfortable to use.
  • Warranty: Know if the wine cooler has a warranty. It will give you some sort of protection in case there are unwanted scenarios in the product. Some of the following are issues, wrong items, etc.
  • Pricing: Get to know your budget first. How much are you willing to pay for a wine cooler? This will let you know if the particular wine cooler fits your budget or not.

The Types

The type of the wine cooler is also included in the factor. It is the last but not the least on this list.

  • Under-counter: This type is the one that you want to put in your kitchen. This is because they are a perfect fit beneath our kitchen cabinets. It is also advisable to use them if you have tight floor space. Just be sure that the cabinet is just near an electrical outlet.
  • Freestanding fridge: This is the best for cooling beers in receiving rooms. It is easy to access most especially when you have parties. Aside from beers, it is also the best type to put on your sodas and juices.
  • Solid-door under-counter: This is great for outdoor kitchens. They are very versatile to outdoor temperatures. It is the ones that people use if they frequently host a barbecue party. This is where various beverages can be stored to make that barbecue party of yours more awesome.

What type to choose for your coffee bar?

It will be the best choice if you will opt for the under-counter wine coolers for your coffee bar. This is because they are discreet and can be placed easily beneath the cabinets.

They are not space-consuming too that is why many coffee bar owners love them! Also, they are known to perform well compared to their counterparts. So if you have a coffee bar business then this will be a great choice for you. Beside, you should also consider choosing between compressor wine coolers vs. thermoelectric wine coolers. With us, the best thermoelectric wine coolers is the right choice for coffee bar. You should be able to cool your wine and other beverages without any effort at all.


The factors that comprise your way of choice for the best wine cooler for your coffee bar are important. It will give you the satisfaction that you will need in cooling your favorite wines. This will attract more customers and will make you satisfied too as an individual. Keep in mind that you should check out the brand too before buying. It will give you an idea of whether the brand is worthy of your trust or not.


How to Steam Milk for Latte at the Comfort of Your Home?

During summer most coffee lovers prefer iced coffee or cold brew coffee. Well, you can say you don’t know why with the scorching sun you need something to cold. On cold chilly mornings or during winter the best coffee drink is latte. The stiff quaff of foam on a hot latte doesn’t happen by accident. Everything is crafted to perfection and every newbie will tell you this is an art that takes time to master. For you to make a high-quality latte drink you must know how to steam milk for latte. The procedure itself is simple but it requires practice to get it right. In this post, we shall show you how to steam milk for latte at home irrespective of whether you are using an espresso maker or not.

What is a latte?

It would be a crime to assume that everyone knows what latte is. The truth is, quite a handful of people reading this post can’t explain we a simple question like what is a latte? Well, a latte is a coffee drink that is made with steamed and foamed milk. There has to be a combination of steam and foam to make a perfect latte drink. So, what is the difference between a latte and a cappuccino? The two are nearly the same only that cappuccino has more foam milk to steam milk.

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10 Best Coffee for Cold Brew in 2021 – You’ll Want Right Now

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Coffee and especially cold brew coffee is becoming a staple drink not only in the United States but also in other nations worldwide. Each and every day more people are endorsing coffee as their favorite drink. This explains why people have gotten creative on the brewing process hence the varieties of coffee brands. To quite an extent this has a positive impact since different people prefer their coffee prepared differently. There are those who prefer their coffee hot whereas there are those who prefer it room temperature cold. In this post, we shall deal with cold brew coffee. There are hundreds of coffee brands for cold brew and deciding the best is not always a walk in the park where every brand claims that their product is the best. We have prepared a comprehensive review of the best coffee for cold brew; this means that you won’t always be stuck in decision making.

What is cold brew coffee?

It is impossible to ignore the fact that some people don’t actually know what cold brew coffee is. Well, by definition, cold brew coffee refers to steeping of coffee beans in room temperature water for not less than 12 hours. If you have never tried cold brew coffee I surely understand the reaction on your face. Why would you have to wait for more than 12 hours to brew coffee? Trust me, if you sip the coffee you will understand why it has to take that long to brew.

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8 Best K-cup coffees in 2021 – Reviews and Buying Guide

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It’s astonishing how much people are getting to embrace the power of a good cup of coffee. Sooner than later coffee will become the most preferred drink, this is so largely attributing to the fact that coffee comes in different varieties, tastes and has the ability to keep you in good moods the entire day. Initially, the only place you could get quality coffee was in a coffee shop. This means that you either had to walk or drive to your favorite coffee shop every morning or evening to get quality coffee. This is no longer the case anymore. People now have coffee machines in their offices and kitchens. Keurig machines, in particular, are quite famous especially given the fact that the machine brews one coffee cup at a time. What comes in handy with these machines are the k-cups. However, in a marked with over 100 distinct brands, determining the best k-cup coffees is not always a walk in the park.

What is a K-cup?

As much as we would like to assume that everyone knows what a K-cup is, we can’t ignore the fact that there are new coffees lovers reading this are curious to know what is meant by the term K-cup.

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Top 10 of The Best Instant Coffee in 2021 – Reviews and Buying Guide

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Once you start taking coffee there is no going back. Quality coffee can make you drive or walk to your favorite coffee shop each and every morning before kick-starting your day without feeling the urge to quit. For this reason, most companies have invested in the coffee industry giving a variety of option to coffee lovers. One of the most famous ways to prepare coffee is using instant coffee. Since 1910 when the first instant coffee was produced, over 100 brands have emerged and deciding on the best instant coffee is not all that easy.

What is instant coffee?

Instant coffee is a beverage that has been derived from already brewed coffee grounds that makes coffee by adding hot water and stirring. Unlike in coffee machines where you have to wait for up to 5 minutes, instant coffee makes coffee instantly in just a matter of seconds. There is no brewing time or maintenance cost needed.

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