Top 8 Best Coffee Grinder For French Press in 2021 – Buyer’s Guide

There are a handful of people around the world that love to take French press coffee. Whilst most people get theirs from coffee shops, some prefer to make theirs themselves. It is important to note that well-grounded coffee beans are essential to having a great tasting coffee. This is why in this article; we will be talking about best coffee grinder for French press extensively. This will make you understand some of the things you need to know to get your well-grounded coffee.

How to Choose the Best Coffee Grinder For French Press?

There are different things you should put into consideration before making your purchase and we will be highlighting some of them below.



To get a good tasting coffee, it is essential that the coffee ground is consistent all through. This means that the ground should have the same size because a difference in size will mean that some grounds will be more extracted than others. To get a consistent coffee ground, it is advisable you go for machines with burr grinders rather than blade grinders. With the burr grinder, you will get an even coffee ground which will, in turn, assure you of a better tasting coffee.

Manual Or Electric

You have a choice to choose between manual and electric grinders. Manual grinders are naturally lighter than electric ones and they are relatively cheaper. In addition, manual grinders are easy to pack up and take around everywhere. While the electric grinders ensure that grinding is done with less effort and your grinding will be done with just a single click.

Number Of Grind Settings

To get the best out of a coffee grinder for French press, it should have numerous grind settings. This means you have different options to be able to choose how well your coffee beans are grounded. To get a good coffee, you should remember that the coarser the ground, the less likely the coffee ground will slip through your coffee filter. So, ensure that when choosing your grind settings, choose a coarser one.


The size of the coffee grinder is extremely important because when the appliance is too big, it takes up a large chunk of space and it makes it hard for it to be stored away. Regardless of the size of your kitchen, it is advisable to go for machines that are smaller in size provided they perform almost the same function as their bigger counterparts.


It is essential you put into consideration how loud the coffee grinder is. This is because a noisy grinder will most likely make you and other people around you uncomfortable. For more convenience and lasting sanity on your part, a grinder that makes the least possible noise should be chosen.

Why Owning A Coffee Grinder Is Important?

Why Owning A Coffee Grinder Is Important

Owning a coffee grinder is almost as important as having a coffee making machine itself. You might not believe this statement but the following points will help you understand why we have written that.

You Can use Any Coffee Brewer Of your Choice

Without a coffee grinder, you are most likely inclined to use only pre-ground coffee. This means you are limited to using a single size of coffee ground. Most of these pre-ground coffee beans are finely ground which automatically means you won’t be able to get your preferred French press.

Apart from the fact that French press requires coarse coffee ground, finely ground coffee tends to clog the filters which can lead to horrible tasting coffee. The choices are unlimited as you can set the grinder to different coarse settings depending on what you want to make.

Freshly Ground Coffee Guarantees Better Tasting Coffee

Using pre-ground coffee means you are using a stale coffee ground. With pre-ground coffee, you will not get the type of aroma and flavor that comes with freshly ground coffee. This is because the flavor of the coffee largely depends on how much oil is extracted from the coffee ground.

Coffee beans contain volatile compounds that tend to disappear the longer they remain not brewed. This is why having a coffee grinder is essential as it ensures that you have a fresh supply of coffee grounds at all times. 

Make Perfect Coffee For You.

Whilst there is nothing like a perfect coffee because perfect is relative to whoever is tasting the coffee, you can make a perfect coffee for yourself. This is because coffee taste is mostly determined by how fine or coarse the bean is grounded. With a coffee grinder, you can adjust how coarse you want your coffee beans to be in order to make the right French press for you.

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Reviews and Our Top Pick of Best Coffee Grinders For French Press

There are different types of coffee grinders for French press available for purchase and going through the unending list of products is not an easy task. This is why we have taken time to choose the best of the lot and reviewed them for you below.

1. Cuisinart DBM 8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill ( Editor's Choice)

The Cuisinart DBM 8 is a beautiful looking automatic grinder with no protruding body parts. The machine can hold a large number of coffee beans and the grinding mill is capable of grinding in a large variety of texture. The fine grind is very suitable for espresso whilst the coarser grind will give you your perfect tasting French press. Grinding with this machine is easy and needs no technical knowledge.

Furthermore, the makers of this product produced it with safety in mind as the plastic is made from BPA free material. BPA can be found in hard plastics and they are quite harmful to the body system by interfering with the secretion and production parts of our body. Because a lot of companies bypass this safety issue, Cuisinart definitely gets a plus on this product.

It is a well-known fact that burr grinders produce more consistent coffee grounds which in turn makes the coffee taste better because of even extraction. This machine uses the burr grinder and because it doesn't overheat the coffee, you are also more assured of getting a good tasting French press. The good taste of the coffee is also enhanced by the fact that the motor runs at a low speed which helps to preserve the aroma of the coffee.

Finally, this machine is known to be extremely durable and not only that, you can make as much as 18 cups of coffee with a single grind. This helps eliminate the stress of having to constantly refill the grinding chamber.


  • Beautifully made
  • Can hold over 18 cups of coffee
  • BPA free material


  • A bit noisy when operating
  • Not compact

2. Capresso 560.01 Infinity Burr Grinder

The Capresso 560.01 Infinity burr grinder is a machine built to handle almost all your coffee grinding needs. The machine stands at about 10x7x5 inches which makes it a compact appliance for kitchens. The finishing and design style also shows simplicity that can match any kitchen style. The appliance is very easy to use as all you need to do is; set the grind type and time to have your ground coffee beans.

Speaking of grinding, the machine has 16 different grind settings and whilst some other machines have more grinding options, the options of this machine will get the work done. It can grind coffee beans in a coarse way to suit French press, fine for espresso and extra fine powder for brewing Turkish coffee. In addition, each of these grind settings has four levels which are; extra fine, fine, coarse and regular. With this extra feature, you are assured of good grind texture.

The burr the grinder uses is the commercial grade stainless steel burrs. These burrs are assembled by hand and they are made in such a way that they cut and grind the beans with accuracy. The grounds are uniform all through leading to a better extraction of the coffee. Additionally, since the burrs are made out of stainless steel, they tend to last longer than other types of burrs.

The Capresso Infinity coffee grinder burrs are being moved by a low watt motor that runs less than 450 RPMs which means that they grind at a slower pace but it also means less heat and friction is produced. With this, the coffee bean oil is extracted better, leading to a good tasting coffee. Finally, the machine operates at around 80db which makes it impossible for people around you to complain about the noise coming from the appliance.


  • It is silent
  • It has stainless steel burrs
  • Easy to use
  • Slow speed motors ensure the coffee beans are not damaged


  • Fragile bean hopper
  • The grind’s container tends to move outwards during grinding.

3. Bodum Bistro Burr Grinder

The Bodum Bistro Burr Grinder is a grinder with pretty cool features. It was designed to ease the stress of the user. It has up to 14 different grind settings which allow the user to be able to grind from fine to more coarse particles for French press. These grind settings can be assessed by just pushing of buttons. Furthermore, the Bodum Bistro burr grinder also has pre-set timer which further improves the grinding experience. 

A lot of people tend to complain about their burrs being stuck due to oil extracted from coffee beans. This oil tends to make grinding a painful task. With this in mind, the makers of this product have ensured that the internal parts of the grinder are made in such a way that the oily beans flow and grind freely without sticking on the burrs.

Furthermore, the catcher of the ground coffee beans is made of anti-static borosilicate glass which ensures that the coffee grounds are fresh and they retain their aroma and flavor. In addition, the machine is made in a sleek compact way which makes it use up very little space in the kitchen. The hopper is also made from a scratch-proof material which means the appliance will look as new as possible even after a long time of usage. Finally, the machine is available in 6 exciting colors which give you a variety to choose from.


  • Comes in 6 exciting colors
  • The hopper is scratch proof
  • It is built in such a way that the burr doesn’t clog
  • It is compact
  • It has 14 different grind settings


  • It tends to waste time.

4. Breville Smart Grinder

The Breville Smart Grinder is an exquisite product that can hold as much as 16 ounces of coffee beans. This machine uses a conical burr that ensures that the heat it produces when functioning is as low as possible. This means the essential oils and aroma of the coffee beans are not lost during grinding. In addition, the burr grinder ensures that the coffee ground is even, which in turn leads to a well-extracted coffee.

Furthermore, this machine has as many as 60 different grind settings which give you a range of options to choose from to suit your taste. With the grind settings, you are assured of being able to make coffee ranging from espresso to French press. This grinder ensures that your single purchase decision covers most of your coffee ground preferences.

In addition, with this machine, you can choose where your coffee grounds go into. This means the grounds can be collected directly with a gold-tone filter basket, a paper filter or even a portafilter. This machine also has a precision digital timer that is adjustable by 0.2-second increments which allows you to set the perfect time to grind the right amount of coffee beans. Finally, the machine comes with a brush for cleaning the conical burr and it also has a one year warranty.


  • It has 60 different grind settings
  • Comes with a burr cleaning brush
  • It has a precision digital timer
  • It has a year warranty


  • It is not dishwasher safe

5. Ariete- Delonghi Electric Coffee Grinder

This is a silver and black colored coffee grinder that has been carved to look aesthetically pleasing. The Arite Delonghi Electric Coffee Grinder is not just about the looks because it has some great functions that complement the looks. This machine has 15 grind settings which allow you to grind coffee beans for espresso, drip coffee, and even French press. The grinding is done by powerful conical burr discs and you can rest assured that you can get extremely fine ground even for Turkish brew.

Furthermore, this product is very easy to clean and this is because its bean hopper can be removed with the beans in it. This allows the grinding head to be assessed for easy cleaning. Finally, this appliance has an adjustable cup size button which allows you to grind the coffee volume of your choice with a button push.


  • It has powerful conical burr discs
  • Easy to clean
  • Cup grind is adjustable
  • Beautiful design


  • It is not dishwasher safe

6. JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder

The Javapresse coffee grinder is a sleek looking machine made from steel. It is very portable which makes it easy to carry around when camping or going on trips. This beautiful appliance ensures that you can enjoy your coffee at any time or place. Additionally, with the javapresse, you will get to adjust your ground as you like.

The machine is compact but the compactness means you will have to refill the grinder periodically when grinding which might be very tiring. Furthermore, the small size of the machine means it doesn’t have enough leverage, thus, you can get tired easily when grinding.

In addition, the crank of this appliance is quite strong and it can take almost any force applied on it. The burrs of the grinder are also made to last a long time. The only issue is; the brushed steel outer part and the hopper window tend to get scratched. Cleanliness they say, is next to godliness and with the Javapresse grinder, you get to clean your machine easily because the burrs can pop out with ease.


  • Easy to clean
  • Compact
  • Lightweight


  • Inconsistent ground
  • Get scratched easily.

7. The Hario Skerton Ceramic Coffee Mill

The Hario Skerton Ceramic Coffee Mill is a manual grinder that is bigger than many manual grinders. It has a beautiful design with the top part of the body made from heavy plastic and the bottom part made of glass. The grinder can hold up to 100g of coffee grounds which is impossible for most hand grinders. That is why with this grinder, you have more than enough coffee grounds to use for your coffee.

Furthermore, the material used in the body assures that they last a long time provided you do not drop them carelessly. The grinder uses strong ceramic burrs that ensure that the coffee beans won't be overheated during grinding. The ceramic burrs are known to grind coffee beans to a fine and coarse texture that is why they are most suitable for French press and Turkish brew.

This appliance is very easy to operate as all you have to do is pour your coffee beans into the hopper and grind away. Grinding with this machine also takes less energy compared to some other manual grinders. Finally, because of the compact design of the appliance, it is quite easy to store away when not in use.


  • Quality ceramic burrs
  • Compact
  • Sleek design
  • Can grind any size of coffee beans


  • The coffee grounds can be inconsistent
  • Glass part can break if care is not taken.

8. Handground Precision Coffee Grinder

The Handground Precision Coffee Maker Is an appliance built to suit various grinding needs ranging from fine espresso to coarse French press. This machine is beautifully built and it can grind up to 100 grams of coffee beans consistently. This exquisite machine is built for easy usage, cleanup, and handling.

This machine has 15 different grind settings and the 100-gram capacity means you have more than enough beans to grind at a time. To grind the whole 100g of coffee beans, you will need as little as five minutes. Furthermore, because of its sturdiness, this machine allows you to move the crank at any speed or vigor with little risk of it being removed. The force it can accommodate almost can't be gotten from most manual coffee grinders for French press available.

In addition, the beans go from the hopper into the burrs easily which allows for smooth grinding. To ensure better stability during grinding, make sure the sticky pad below the grinder is in place. That way, the machine won't be moving or slipping around during usage. Furthermore, this machine is very easy to clean but you have to ensure that you use surface friendly cleaning agents and avoid using bleach at all cost. This is because bleach can leave a long lasting smell that can change the taste of the coffee.

Finally, regardless of how durable this machine is, its burr is made out of ceramic which means if it is not handled with care, it can drop and break. This machine is also on the heavy side which indicates that it is mainly for home use and it cannot be easily carried around on trips.


  • It is durable
  • It has 15 grind settings
  • Beautifully built


  • Burrs are made from ceramic
  • Heavy

How To Make Coffee With A French Press?

There are 7 simple steps to make coffee with a French press and you will be learning them below:

  1. Measure The Coffee Beans: The first thing to do to make coffee with the French press is by measuring out the right amount of coffee beans you will be needing
  2. Grinding Of The Coffee Beans: To make a French press coffee, ensure you grind the beans as coarse as possible because the coarser the coffee ground, the better the French press coffee tastes.
  3. Allow the Water Boil And Cool it For 2 Minutes: Water for French press coffee is not meant to reach boiling point. The perfect water temperature should be about 195°F and to get this, you either use a thermometer or wait for a minute or two after the water reaches a boiling point before using.
  4. Pour The Heated Water Into The French Press
  5. Stir The Brew vigorously
  6. Allow The Brew Steep For 5 Minutes: To get a good brew, the coffee should be allowed to steep for few minutes.
  7. Drink Your Coffee Immediately.

Coffee Grinding Tips

There are four basic coffee grinding tips that make you get the kind of coffee taste you desire. If you are interested to know what they are, continue reading because we will be sharing them below.

  • Match The Grind size With The Brewing Method: This means that different grind sizes are used for brewing the different types of coffee available. Make sure you research the size that goes for each type before you start brewing. Majorly, superfine grounds are for Turkish brews, coarse grounds are for French press and fine grounds are used to make espresso.
  • Clean Your Coffee Grinder: This might sound like a basic tip but regardless of how basic it is, it is a very important one. If grinders are not cleaned frequently, it might lead to residue buildup which might affect the taste of the coffee.
  • Keep The Grinder Dry: If the burrs are made out of steel, they start to rust which can dull them after some time.
  • Use Quality Beans Only: There is a saying that goes "garbage in garbage out" this means, it is whatever you put into the grinder that will come out like coffee grounds. To get good tasting coffee, ensure you only purchase high-quality fresh coffee beans.


After reading this article, you can say that your knowledge of coffee grinders for French press has improved. We ensured we discussed most of the important things you will find helpful in your search for the best coffee grinder for French press. We also reviewed some of the best products you can find available for sale.

After our thorough review, we reached a conclusion that the Cuisinart DBM 8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill bests every other product in our list. This is because of its beautiful design, the manufacturer’s thought for safety by using BPA free plastics and because of its large capacity. We have to say; just because the Cuisinart DBM 8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr mill is our top pick does not mean the others are of low quality. We assure you that whichever product you choose from the reviewed list will serve their purpose well.

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